Are You on a Train to Nowhere?

by RJ on May 11, 2012

Are You on a Train to Nowhere?

Have you ever said stop the world I want to get off?

Do you ever feel that you’re on a train going nowhere?

Are you really where you want to be in life today?

You can’t stop the world but you can stop the train or at least get on another train in the right direction. Sometimes life can lead you on the wrong train and you feel that you can’t get off. You can get off and you can change your life and career. First take a step back and get some quiet time for yourself. Take a serious assessment of your life and career. What happened in your life that determined where you are today? Maybe it wasn’t your fault.

If you did not have the luxury of having a good education, that could hold you back. Although throughout history many people have become millionaires without an education but it’s the exception. As their businesses grew they had to learn all about finances, motivation, selling, marketing, manufacturing, promotion, distribution and a host of other areas of proficiency. Yes, with money you can hire experts in those fields but you better know what they are doing before they steer you in the wrong direction. If you don’t have a good education, decide on what you want to do. Maybe a good trade job pays well at first but to grow up the ladder as you grow older takes some education. Don’t fear, many schools offer training in many trades and you can do it at night.

Be the best you can be at what you are doing now. Many people stop learning as soon as they leave school. That’s a mistake. When you were in college you paid them to learn. Now that you are working they are paying you to learn. Do you really know the products or services that your company offers? I once did some consulting for a company in sales and while sitting in the lobby waiting for the President I noticed that the receptionist did not know how to find or send customers either on the phone or in person to the department that could handle the requests. To make matters worse when the President arrived in the lobby she asked him if she could help him. Of course he was furious and embarrassed. We had to work on the rest of the company before we even tackled the sales force. Actually the sales force was the best part of the company.

If you would like to grow in your company, ask the CFO to teach you how to read an annual report. Although he is very busy, I think he would be delighted to help you.  Learn about your stock, read the annual report, find out more about the company that you work for. If it’s a public company buy a share of stock. Prepare a notebook with all the products and services, the pricing, their uses and who is using them. Could you take your family on a tour of your company and explain what everyone does?

Be the best that you can be and success will find you. When you take an active role in your company you will stand out. You become a valuable asset. You are the go to person for answers and become dependable. Have you noticed that when you are the one with the answers, the day goes by faster and you feel rewarded and satisfied in your job? The worst feeling in the world is not knowing how to answer someone’s question. You waste time and get frustrated.

Believe in yourself, your products or services and your company 100%. You will be a happier person and a more successful person. You are now on the right train and the right track going in the right direction.

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