Are You Successful?

by RJ on April 30, 2012

Are you Successful?

Are there any successful people out there today?

How do you know you’re successful?

Is there a set of rules or guidelines?

There seems to be different standards from coast to coast and everywhere in between. In the Boston area it seemed that you were judged by how many bedrooms your house had and the square footage of your lot. Cars were not as important as they are in the west coast but that is changing. It seemed that people in the suburbs were more interested in SUV’s and how big was your tractor. I had a house in the suburbs that was in an apple orchard at one time and many of us built customs homes on large lots surrounded by hundreds of apple trees. Many of us had no idea what to do with these trees. The local farmer who owned the land used to chuckle when we had rotting apples surrounded by bees. We didn’t know that these trees had to be pruned and sprayed multiple times each year in order to have healthy apples. Of course after we spent hours pruning one tree he offered his services with his heavy tractors and machinery designed to do the job in minutes. Now what do you do with acres of apples ready to be picked? Of course call the local Boy Scout troop who sells the apples by the bag to raise money for the troop. Have you ever seen hundreds of boy scouts running around your yard climbing trees to pick these apples? Seemed like a law suit waiting to happen. Luckily no one was hurt.

After a move to Southern California there was a different climate. Houses were judged by square footage and views of the hills or ocean. Cars now were very important and you had to have a Mercedes or a BMW. Since the weather was better cars were an important status symbol. There seemed to be valet service at every restaurant and you wanted your car parked up front looking like it was just detailed. Trips to Hawaii were the family vacation norm and horseback riding lessons for your daughters were expected. I envied the surfers who seemed to live on the beach and somehow ate at fast food restaurants or someone else’s BBQ. They lived several to an apartment with no regard for the next day except if the surf is up. They were tanned and buff with a very carefree attitude. Some of course came from affluent families and some just decided that this was a way of life. On the water everyone was equal.

Back to reality. I heard someone say on the news that if we don’t get more successful by the year 2014 the US will fall from world dominance. I’m not sure if this is already happening. Everyone has a different view of success. In a survey done several years ago many rated success in this order; money, power, health, happiness, emotional and spiritual success in different levels in their life. Where do you fit in this scheme of feeling successful? I think it changes as you grow older and take on more responsibilities in life. There has to be a happy mix to make everyone feel successful without the pressures of keeping up with the Joneses. Find your happy mix and don’t be influenced by others. Not everyone can be judged the same. I believe that if you do what you love the money, power, influence, spiritual and emotional success will follow.

Have fun out there and be successful.

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