Can You Handle the Stress In Your Life?

by RJ on May 14, 2012

Can You Handle The Stress In Your Life?

Do you like changes?

Are you challenged by new situations?

Can you sense when the stress level gets too high?


Stress costs American Industry over $100 billion each year, but no one can calculate what the costs are to out personal lives. Whether it stems from family problems, career frustrations, emotional strain or a major life change, unrelieved stress can incapacitate and kill. Today many people are unemployed or underemployed. Along with our 401K’s being down and our house prices undervalued it’s no wonder that many of us are under a lot of stress. The stress gets even worse when we try to shield it from our family and friends. Sometimes we are just trying to show that we are not affected by all that’s going on in the world today and putting on a brave face. Never let them see you crying seem to be a good way to put the way of life today.


I have read some studies done by theUniversityofCalifornia   San Francisco’s School of medicine on executives in the Telecommunications & Banking Industries. The study found out that 20% of these executives fell ill during the years of turmoil of deregulation and divestiture. Did you know that the first symptom of a heart attack in 22% of the cases was death? An amazing 5-7% of these executives died of sudden heart attack due to the results of stress induced disease. In a surprise revelation in this study showed that another 5-7% of the executives actually became healthier than ever.


The healthy executives shared 5 distinct beliefs and attitudes.

  1. They      thrived on challenge and they were open to new situations.
  2. They      were committed and willing to get involved.
  3. They      felt in control and had the sense that you can make a difference.
  4. They      had social support. They belonged to the team and pulled together.
  5. They      believed in stress management. They learned to listen to their own stress      signals and had a regimen of exercise, listening to music and laughing.


You’ve got to be healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. When you work it has to be for more than just the money. You will get burned out if you’re working for just things. Most successful people love their job and believe they would work for free. They usually say, I love what I do and it has led me to success. When you love something enough it gives up all its secrets.


One suggestion to relieve stress especially in busy city traffic is to relax while you drive. If someone cuts you off, don’t let it bother you. Consider letting them in because in a few minutes they will change lanes again and still be in the same spot as before. If at all possible leave early to avoid the traffic congestion. Get into the office early, have some breakfast, read the paper, and prepare for the day. While in traffic or a long ride home or to the office, listen to some CD’s of music, motivational tapes or learn a new language. You will be surprised at how much calmer you will become.


When I first moved to Southern California fromBoston,Massachusetts, no one would drive with me after a few trips in my car. I would cut people off, make left hand turns after the light turned green in front of oncoming traffic even if I did not have the green arrow. I would roll through stop signs, ride very close to the car in front of me and would be in a constant state of stress. It took me a few years to calm down and feel the stress roll off my back. I took the time to let what was going on around me roll off my back. It wasn’t personal. I listened to tapes on how to speak Italian and Spanish. I listened to motivational tapes on how to sell and be motivated. I took the long way home many nights and learned to enjoy the beautiful beaches and homes along the way home. There were many beautiful sunsets that I had missed before. Sometimes I would just pull over and watch some young kids surfing and once in a while saw dolphins swimming along the coast. Sunsets overCatalina Islandare breathtaking if you take the time to smell the roses.


I also learned not let people bother me as much and took the attitude of the local surfers when they would say, “Lighten up dude”. There’s a lot of patience involved with surfing. Waiting for the right wave and getting yourself in position for the next big break. In the meantime they talk to each other and admire the view. When I did stop I met other business men that stopped every night after work and surf for an hour or more before going home. Some went home first and went surfing with their children before it got too dark. Find some relaxation that works for you and enjoy life.


In summary, be open to new situations; get involved in work and life. You can make a difference and influence events and learn to handle stress on your terms. Good luck out there.

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