Cold Calling Does Not Work

by RJ on December 13, 2012

Cold Calling Does Not Work

Cold calling does not work, maybe it never worked considering the amount of time that we invested in this futile exercise. When I think back on all the time spent on cold calling, I get ill. It was mind numbing and a waste of time. An exercise that I think most sales people hate and an exercise that we procrastinate from even starting. Even when it’s started in good faith, most salespeople get disgusted after a few calls. If we do make contact with a person, they are usually not interested in your pitch or it’s a bad time out of their busy schedule. Years ago when some managers agreed that the exercise of cold calling was not working they hired sales trainers that would teach how to get through the secretaries or as they were called in training, the gate keeper. When this did not work more seminars were developed to teach how to cold call with the proper script to leave on their answering systems. Most companies bought into this training and forced us to endure more pain and discomfort with all day training. We tried again and again until we just gave up.

Now that the internet is the way that most people shop and buy, we have to rethink the process of how do I get to my target market. That is of course if you know what your target market is and where it’s located. It’s not everyone. Today most people are looking for products and services on the internet when they are ready to buy. They are using search engines like Google and Chrome to name a few. They are not waiting for you to cold call when you are ready. They are searching the web when they are ready to be informed about their interests. In a recent survey that I saw, China has added 282 million internet users for a total of 528 million users in the last 4 years. That’s double the population of the United States. India now has over 137 million users. With these numbers comes power of buying over the internet. We have all seen the astronomical increase of buyers this holiday season over the internet. Billions of dollars was spent just on Black Friday over the internet.

What do we do now to find the right person in the right company to pitch our product or service? The answer is making sure that when someone is looking for your product or service that you or your company comes up on their search. When the potential customer is searching and if they find you, are you capturing their email and other pertinent information? If your company is not investing in SEO, Search Engine Optimization, then you should do it yourself. I’ve been working with sales people to start their own web page to capture leads. If you have a group of salespeople that are territory bound then you might want to team up and do the project together. It’s not a very costly investment. You can get your own web page hosted for a few dollars a month. Some of my clients have set up their own newsletter and have been acting as consultants to the industry in their target market. You can submit articles for the magazines or newsletters that your potential customers are reading. Do you know what they are reading? If not find out. You should be subscribing to them also. If you are smart you could become the top sales person in the company and everyone will be wondering how you are accomplishing this feat. If you do have someone in your company responsible for your company’s web page, get together with them and find out what they are doing. Ask if they are using the right key search words. Maybe you can help them to help you. Find out where the responses from the web page are going. They may be going to a manager that is not distributing them fairly. Show that you are interested in how they are distributed and the method of capturing leads. They may be going in a black hole and no one is getting the leads. Maybe you can get them all and distribute a few to friends. Be aggressive about leads especially from the web. This is usually someone who is interested about your product and has a need.

Cold calling does not work so don’t waste your time. Spend your time wisely and get to understand the power of the internet. If your company is not being aggressive enough, start your own project and reap the rewards. Good luck out there.

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