Develop a Winning Attitude

by RJ on August 6, 2012

Develop a Winning Personality and Attitude

I have watched salespeople for many years and it always amazes me that the most knowledgeable does not always win the sale. There is something about the personality of a sales person that shines through when it’s time to make a decision. Many times it’s the personality and attitude of a salesperson that gets that person in the door for the first meeting. It’s this attitude and personality that keeps that salesperson in the race for the win. I’ve seen this happen many times and have always stressed to salespeople that a great smile and pleasant personality along with product knowledge and people skills will win the sale. It’s always been the hardest trait to coach. Personality and attitude come easier for some salespeople but you can develop these traits if you try.


Knowledge about your products, company, people and market are trainable skills. Developing a personality and great attitude are much harder but can be achieved. Some people who try can come across as phonies and are perceived as trying to hard and not believable. You have to be sincere and actually care about the people that you are working with. I know this can be difficult when you really don’t like the people that you are trying to market your products to and if you don’t have a real belief in your products and company. When you find this happy place it’s magical. When you really believe in your products and company you don’t have to pretend anymore. There is real conviction in your presentation and personality. You would sell your product to your grandparents even if it’s the last dollar that they have left.


As I was driving throughLos Angelesone day, I passed a church with a marquee on the front lawn. The sign read “The First Baptist Church welcomes you. If you’re though with sin come on in” Someone wrote in red lipstick on the bottom, “If you’re not call 555- 6317” If you don’t think you have competition out there for your job, you are not aware of the job market. You need to be on the cutting edge of technology and personal communication skills. You need to stand out. You need to be likable. You need to be interesting. You need to be memorable. When you think about the millions of web sites available to a prospect, think about what makes you stand out. Once you get the chance to meet this prospect either in person, by phone, or by email, what can you do to be memorable? Remember many companies all sound alike when it comes to products and services.


Your personality and attitude are the best tools you have to make a difference. Many CEO’s have magnetism when it comes to speaking to their employees, peers, customers, investors and prospects. The top CEO’s have the respect of everyone and this respect comes from their belief that they are going to make their company, employees, customers, board members and investors successful.


Make a big company look small enough to care. Make a small company sound big enough to do the job. Seven out of ten customers that stop doing business with a company do so because of the way they treated on the first contact. When you’re on the phone your customers are blind. They cannot see you. They cannot see you smile. They do not care what kind of a day you had. They don’t care about your personal problems. It’s not personal its business. You are in the people business; learn to communicate with a great personality and attitude. Great companies have enthusiastic employees. They have developed a corporate culture that embodies great personalities and attitudes. They believe in the company, the products, the people and their customers.


You are important to your company; hear yourself on the phone and try to tape some presentations. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Do you like how you sound? Do you sound enthusiastic? Are you believable? If you are not sure ask someone that you trust but not your mother. Don’t get caught up in your customer’s frustration or anger. They need you to be positive and find a solution. Concede not convince. Hear them out. Have patience, tact and empathize. Don’t interrupt, just acknowledge and don’t argue with them. They can’t maintain their anger when someone agrees with them.


Try watching some of the more experienced airline desk people when all flights are cancelled and they cannot rebook people fast enough. The good ones maintain their composure and listen to the customer without arguing. Their goal is too help no matter how bad the situation has become.


If you don’t have a natural disposition to having a great personality and attitude, it’s about time that you learn to accomplish these traits and become one of the top salespeople in your company. Good luck out there.

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