How to Persuade Others to Get What You Want

by RJ on April 23, 2011

Today, you can make a decision to change your life forever.

Today, you can make a decision to take your career and your life to a new level.

We all try to persuade others to get what we want.  If you’re honest with yourself, we are all trying to get something from someone else.  Some of you may be thinking that you love people and try to be a good person, but I contend that you are getting something from everything that you do.  Even if it’s gratification and maybe the slightest feeling of being appreciated or valued.

Maybe you’re a salesperson, teacher, marketer, coach, therapist, consultant, mentor or parent.  It’s rewarding when you can help someone else.  It’s rewarding when you have the answers.

We all want to persuade others to get what we want.  What do you want?  If you’re a salesperson you want others to buy your products.  The same holds true for marketers.  You want to sell more products and get more market share.  You want to get the name of your product in front of the masses.

If you’re a teacher, you want to open the minds of the young to the vast knowledge of this world.  You want to build strong minds and good citizens that respect each other.

Maybe you would like to be more successful, make more money, have more business, have security, and be independently wealthy.  Would you like to be recognized, appreciated, valued, liked and loved?  Do you want others to find you humorous and entertaining?  Would you like to better at your job and get promoted?

How do you persuade others to get what to want?  The answer is  through communication.  Most people do not spend enough time thinking about what they are going to say to another person or group.  Some people have a genuine fear of public speaking or standing out.  They may be comfortable with family and close friends but not in front of strangers.  Maybe you don’t want to be thought of as a fool or be embarrassed.  Some people actually freeze in front of audiences and some  just fear the thought of getting up in front of an audience.

We once had a speaker at a group  who was supposed to be a professional speaker. He started out OK, but then forgot his next line.  He started over and got more confused while he slowly started to sweat and freeze on the stage.  It took two of us to carry him off the stage.

If you are trying to get another person to listen, you need to perfect your communication skills.  How much do you know about your product or subject?  Can someone put holes in it?  Can you recover?  Do you know what the customer or the person you are talking to really wants to hear.  It’s all about them and their pain.

Pain can be challenges or problems that they are facing.

It’s a me generation out there.  They call it the millennium generation.  They have more knowledge of advanced technology then any generation before them.  They are more into themselves and into instant gratification.  They grew up with advanced cell phones, the best animated computer games ever produced, High definition TV, GPS, Text Messaging, and more violence in the schools then ever before.

Joey on the TV show Friends made a statement to his aspiring soap opera class.  He said “In order for some of you to be successful in soap operas you need to get better looking” Fortunately if you are a good communicator you don’t need to get better looking.  You can get what you want out of life by learning to communicate your message.

Most of my students in my workshops have been from the Sales and Marketing ranks but lately I have seen many others just trying to better at their vocation.  I have had students that have told me that they were tired of being ignored in life.  They were tired of not being promoted, not getting salary raises and bonuses.  This can be corrected and you can learn to get what you want out of life.

Next time we will discuss the steps to take to be a great communicator.

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