Listening for Dollars $$$

by RJ on August 16, 2012

Listening for Dollars $$

The art of listening is dying. Too many of us have lost the desire to listen to others. We tend to wait until the other person is finished and talk about ourselves or some subject that we feel is important. Sometimes we don’t even wait until the other person is finished before we interrupt and talk about our subject. Most of us are not good listeners. I believe today that most people don’t care what others are saying and just tune them out. Maybe it’s today’s technology with email, texting and blogging that give us the ability to voice our opinion without listening to someone else talking.


I stopped going to networking functions because I felt no one was interested in what I was saying or selling. They only wanted to tell you what they were selling. Everyone is selling something whether it’s insurance, investing, banking, home improvement, training or a multitude of products. It seems that no one is buying anymore. Maybe it’s the power of the World Wide Web with its easy access to whatever you are looking for at your fingertips when you are ready to buy. Several of my friends got together and practiced our elevator speeches so that we could gain the attention of others at networking sessions. Although it did improve getting someone’s attention they still waited to immediately tell you about themselves and what they sell and could not repeat what we did. We used to make up stories just to see if people were listening and then go back later in the day and offer them $100 if they could repeat our name, company name and what we did. We never had to give out the $100 bill.


Listening and knowing if you are a good listener is important for everyone not only salespeople. Knowledge is the key to success today. Do you know when you are not listening? Can you repeat the person name that is speaking? Can you repeat what they said? Can you rephrase what they said? Did you understand what they said? Do you know why you’re not listening? Sometimes you hear only what you want to hear. Maybe you don’t like the person speaking or you’re not interested in the subject. Many people just jump to conclusions and don’t want to wait for the person speaking to finish. Maybe you have too many other problems on your mind especially in today’s hectic lifestyles. What if you think that the person specking has radically different viewpoints then you do. As is the case of many people, you just want to wait until it’s your turn to speak.


Have you ever noticed that if the person speaking is very important, rich, influential, admired or maybe a celebrity, you tend to listen more intently? We tend to make judgments before we have a chance for someone to speak. The founder of the National Speakers Association, Cavet Robert, was the best listener that I have ever met. It didn’t matter who you were he always listened to what you were saying. I noticed him several times at meetings taking notes as new unseasoned speakers gave a talk on stage. He always made you feel important.


Yes there are people out there that have huge egos and just want to control the conversation. You can learn something from everyone even if you don’t like that person. Maybe you can learn not to be like that person and strive to be better informed and a better speaker. Instead of trying to control the conversation yourself try immersing yourself in the conversation of others and see what you can learn. Maybe it’s just a name of someone who is important to your next sale or can help in some effort that interests you. Listening is an acquired skill that is very important to your success in life. Remember that the person who has knowledge and knows how to use that knowledge usually wins the game. Good luck out there.



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