Workshop Topics

Close More Business Today and Build a Pipeline for Tomorrow

A one day workshop analyzing key accounts, setting strategies, building a sales funnel and developing a plan to close more business today.

Analyzing key accounts strategic to your business success is crucial to the sales process and must be understood by all sales people. Learn how to collect all the necessary information to effectively understand your clients needs and prepare for your presentation to close the sale.

You will learn how to build a solid sales funnel using the latest techniques of prospecting and qualifying. A good sales funnel should have a mix of accounts that have closed and will be ready to ship, accounts that will close and ship in the next few weeks, accounts identified as over 50% to close and fit the criteria of your product, services and strengths and accounts that are being considered and qualified to fit your criteria for success.

Identifying the key decision makers and influencers is one of the most important steps in preparing your sales presentation. Who has the final approval? Who is the technical decision maker? Who is the user? Who has the legal approval? Who is your inside person who loves you and your product?

Emphasis will be put on closing business

This seminar should be followed up with weekly coaching calls to keep everyone on track and accountable for the plan to close more business today.

Learn how to change your life forever.  To succeed in today’s business climate you must act, look, and communicate like a leader.  People make an impression of you in less than 20 seconds.  If you don’t make a favorable impression and know what to say in that time period you may not get a second chance.  It is widely agreed that people buy emotionally and from people that they like. If products are relatively close customers will buy from someone that they like and want that person to succeed. Learn the techniques to move your career and life to new heights.

Master the 5 keys to professional presentation skills.  You can master the sure-fire formula for overcoming fear and performance anxiety in order to get your message across.  Discover how to adjust your presentation for CEO’s, CFO’s, Presidents, Board Members, IT Managers, VP’s, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, and other decision makers. Never be left behind again. Become the leader that is your destiny.

Learn the 6 methods of gaining attention.  You will hold your audience in the palm of your hands and keep people waiting for your next words.  Discover how to add humor and entertainment to any presentation.

Learn how you can maximize your success in one of my fast-paced keynote speeches.  Bring me to your next corporate event and put the RJ advantage to work with your sales team.  In my workshops I share the incredible insights that allow you to continuously deliver excellence in management, sales, and customer service.